Instagram has officially announced a brand new ‘Creator Portfolio’ feature, which will enable creators to share an overview of themselves, highlight previous content and showcase their previous brand partners. They will possess the ability to build their own portfolio from an aesthetic, professional dashboard. The feature will provide a guiding tool to creators in building their pitch to brands, assisting them to secure more influencer marketing deals. It’s similar to Instagram’s Creator Marketplace listings where influencers are presented in a collective showcase. However, Creator Portfolio facilitates individual users to share their profile directly with potential partners

Instagram is attempting to make it easier for users to discover new content creators. Creator Portfolios is one of its initiatives within its broader strategy, that aims at inserting more non-followed profiles into users’ feeds and maximizing engagement by improving its algorithm capabilities. In addition to Creator Portfolios, Instagram is also adding some updates to Creator Marketplace, including a new messaging process to streamline brand/creator connection (brands will be able to message multiple creators at once via a partnerships inbox), and a new code process to better facilitate ad collaborations.